The SBM Charitable Foundation has extended its Scholarship Program application deadline to April 30, 2020, due to the impact that the COVID-19 restrictions have had on school systems, colleges, and universities in Connecticut. Any student who submits the following paperwork to us by the April 30th deadline:

 Page 2, applicant information and signature page

  • Page 3, Extra-Curricular & Employment History
  • The Essay
  • The FAFSA
  • Page 7, Protecting Your Privacy information
  • Page 8, Required Financial Information
  • A short letter explaining what is missing, and when you expect the missing paperwork to be submitted

 Will have an extension to submit the following:

             Page 4, Academic Profile (signed by school official)

  • Official Transcript
  • Letter of recommendation (please ask the person writing the letter to include the student’s name on a separate piece of paper, and mail that along with the recommendation, so that I am able to match the letter to the application when it arrives)

The actual date of the extension will depend upon how long Connecticut schools are closed.  The rest of the application must still be received or postmarked by April 30th.


The SBM Charitable Foundation, Inc. (“SBMCF”) awards college scholarships of up to $5,000 each annually to students selected on the basis of financial need, school and community activities, and academic achievement.

Eligibility Requirements

    • You must be a United States citizen and full-time resident of Hartford, Tolland, or Windham County.
    • You must maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, or be in the top 40% of your class in high school.
    • You must include a full copy of your submitted Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or your valid Federal Student Aid Report (SAR) for the time period required by the Department of Education.
    • Your name as applicant must only appear on page 2 of the application. All other pages should only include the last four digits of your social security number. To ensure a fair evaluation process, the members of the Scholarship Committee must NOT know the identity of the applicant during the section process. Any information on subsequent pages that would reveal the applicant’s name or full social security number may disqualify the application.
    • You must be applying to, or attending, a two or four year accredited college or university in Connecticut. Full time enrollment is required.
Scholarship submissions will be initially reviewed by the SBMCF Scholarship Director and staff for completeness and receipt of all required information. Submissions are then entered into the “blind application” review process by the SBMCF Scholarship Committee. Information taken into consideration by the Committee will be financial need, school and community activities, academic achievement, and writing ability. Applications that are chosen by the Committee will be sent to a Financial Analyst for independent review of each applicant’s need. The final decision regarding awards will then be made by the Scholarship Committee.

Applications for scholarships are accepted from January through March for the following academic year (beginning in September). Awards are made in June.

All scholarship applications must be postmarked or hand-delivered by March 31, 2020.

Download the new 2020 Scholarship application here. (PDF Format – Adobe Acrobat® required)

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